1.04 - The Deer Hunters

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1.04 - The Deer Hunters

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 26, 2008 4:16 am

Rory receives the first D of her life, pushing her to study like crazy for the upcoming exam. When Lorelai comes to the parent - teacher conference she manages to flirt with Rory's teacher Max Medina, (who later asks her out) and discovers that Rory's received a "D" (a fact that she hadn't told Lorelai). Rory and Lorelai stay up all hours reviewing every detail about Shakespeare, only to over-sleep making her late for her test. Lorelai lets her use the Jeep to get to school but on the way a deer runs into her jeep making Rory miss her exam. Rory has a meltdown, telling off both Tristan and Paris in the process, and Lorelai does a little bit of ranting herself, dubbing Headmaster Charleston "Il Duce".


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